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Stoic Widgets | React Native App Design & Development


Stoic Widgets is an iOS 14 widget app that pushes stoic wisdom to your lock screen every day. Here, you will find quotes from Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Stoic Philosopher Seneca, Epictetus, and others. These quotes are selected ahead of time to strike a balance between fun, humor and wisdom.


I designed the UI of Stoic widgets using Figma. I then moved to create the host app using React Native, Styled Components, and React Navigation. Once the host app was ready, I started creating iOS widgets using Swift and Widget Kit. I integrated the app Firebase and Microsoft App Center for updating home feed content and the app itself.

Stoic Widget on iOS homescreen
Stoic Widgets app home screen light mode
Stoic Widgets app articles screen
Stoic Widgets app quote view
Stoic Widgets app dark mode

Designed & Developed by Tesfa Demissie

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